The Globe

What Is ‘The Light’?

The Light is a giant illuminated globe. It will hang right in the centre of the Spire Crossing of Salisbury Cathedral between the end of November 2018 until January 2019.

For Salisbury, the installation will depict the Star Of Bethlehem, focusing on the themes of Journeys, Darkness to Light and Mental Health in the overarching context of Memories.

The Light Art Installation, Poole
The Light Art Installation, Romsey
The Light Art Installation

Concept & Construction

Designed by artist Richard McLester, the globe is 4 metres in diameter.

Construction on The Light started at the beginning of 2015. Together with the artist, two 18 year old interns Elliott and Toby built and developed the installation.

Building The Light Art Installation Soldering The Light Art Installation

From prototype to finished product, this included building a custom-made lightbulb that allowed the thousands of LEDs to be mounted and remotely controlled via a DMX Lighting Desk.

The Light 2015, Poole

On November 25th 2015, the installation was premiered in Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre where it hung for 12 weeks over the Christmas period.

To launch the installation, Richard performed a concert of Songs Of The Light together with a choir put together especially for the event.

The performance also included projecting film clips of local people in Poole talking about what Darkness & Light meant to them…

The Light 2017, Romsey

In 2016, the team continued to develop the capacity of the internal lightbulb increasing the number of LED strips from 8 to 32. This made the installation 4 times as bright.

On 4th February 2017, the globe was launched in Romsey Abbey with another performance of Songs Of The Light. Richard was joined by over 250 singers from the local community. The globe hung in the Abbey for 5 weeks.

Preparation for Salisbury

Following on from the project in Romsey, Richard & Toby were joined by Travers & Erween, two IT students from Poole & Bournemouth College. As part of their work-based project, they were tasked with adding projectors to the inside of the globe.

This involved designing and building projection control system that allowed 4 projectors to be hung inside the globe. As the projectors were suspended, everything had to be accessed remotely – including the positioning of the projectors.

The Light 2018, Salisbury

On Wednesday 5th December 2018, we’ll be putting on an immersive performance of Songs Of The Light to launch the installation in Salisbury Cathedral. We’d love you to join us ad experience the Cathedral lit up like never before…

Who Runs The Project?

From the art installation, music, film, to the performance and technology, the whole project is put together by students & volunteers from our community in Poole, Dorset & working in partnership with the communities the project has gone to.

Conical Sphere Music CIC is a not-for-profit community interest company. Our aim is to provide a professional infrastructure for those volunteers to work under.

This enables our volunteers and provides a safe space for them to work, giving them access to opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have had.

Can You Help?

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